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gym and cardio zone 900m2

Hammer strenght, Life fitness, Master sport, treadmills, spinning bike, Stairmaster

warrior zone 100m2

Grapling, Box, Muay Thai, Krav maga

cross and functional zone 500m2

Weightlifting platform, Air bike, Rowing machine, Modular construction, grass



"We are a combination of a classic fitness centre, space for fight sports and Cross gym."


600 square meters of exercise area, a lot of professional fitness machines of the world's best brands Hammer strenght, Life fitness, Master sport and Gym Gun

Cardio zone with eight modern Discover SE treadmills with built-in LCD display, Stairmaster Gauntlet stairs

Hexagon one-handed dumbbells in pairs 2 - 70kg
and 4 - 40kg, ZIVA discs

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200 square meters of training area, 2 construction modules,
2 stations with weightlifting platforms,
2 squat stations, bounce wall ball wall, slam balls 10 - 50kg, kettlebells in pairs 4 - 32kg, TRX, Bosu, rings, ropes, air bike and rowing machine by Thor fitness, artificial grass and stretching zone with TATAMI surface.

BUMPER discs 


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Our gym also has a reception with good coffee and a wide range of sports nutrition. Our team of trainers is also available to guide you on the way to your goals.

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